Rules & Policies


  • Pleasure moorage for monthly or longer requires a completed and approved moorage application
  • As a rafting harbour we do not take reservations.
  • Proof of vessel insurance with 2-million-dollar liability required (provide proof within 24 hours of request)
  • Vessels must be clearly marked with name or number visible from dock.
  • No Livaboards.
  • No absentee owners, if you do not live locally, you must have a local contact who will be looking after your boat.
  • Vessels must be maintained regularly and not become dilapidated.
  • Payment of moorage fees due within 30 days of invoice date.
  • Interest charged on overdue accounts
  • Corrections or errors in billing must be reported within 30 days of invoice date
  • Working bilge pumps required.
  • Zero tolerance on environmental hazards/ pollution.
  • Vessel must be seaworthy and not require shore power to stay afloat.
  • By using the harbour, customers are agreeing to harbour rates and policies.
  • Harbour Authority reserves the right to request recent vessel survey, inspect vessel condition and check length at any time.
  • Vessels may be seized and sold under the warehouse Lien Act for non- payment
  • Regular vehicle parking pass included as a courtesy with paid moorage
  • Keycard required to access docks outside of office hours, $20 refundable deposit.
  • Rafting required except in specially designated areas.
  • 2 pieces of government ID and a valid major credit card required to set up moorage account.
  • We accept VISA, MASTERCARD cash, debit, cheques and etransfer:
  • If you are unsure about something, ask a staff member.
  • Raft your vessel along similarly sized boats.
  • You may do minor repositioning of other vessels but do not move others to less desirable spots just to make yourself a good spot.
  • Do not unplug other boats to make room in electrical cabinet for your plug.
  • Have a proper marine cord and plug of proper gauge.
  • Have adequate amount and properly sized fenders and ropes.
  • Vessels must have free and unencumbered access for others that are rafted alongside.
  • Any vessel that prevents/discourages other vessels from rafting along will be charged a premium rate.
  • Failure to adhere to harbour policies results in enforcement actions/penalties.
  • The work dock requires advance booking. A daily fee of $10/zone/day on top of regular moorage.
  • Some areas of the harbour change purpose seasonally, ask a staff member if you are unsure what areas are eligible for your moorage.
  • The colour coded map below shows green where pleasure boats may moor.
  • Invoicing is based on usage within each calendar month.

Pleasure Boat Moorage

Private May 1 - September 30

no moorage

all premises have 24 hour video recording

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