What you need to know about a rafting harbour

If you are new to boating or have primarily frequented private marinas with individual slips(fingers) for moorage then you may be unfamiliar with the term ‘ rafting’ as it pertains to moorage. also known as linear dockage.

As opposed to a slip a boat pulls into, linear dockage is a marina configuration that docks boats by lining them up end to end along the dock, one boat's bow(front) to another boat's stern (back).

If there is no dock space when you arrive, you tie your boat alongside a boat of similar size or if your boat is tied at the dock someone will tie alongside your boat(raft). Make sure you have enough fenders (bumpers) between you and the other boat to prevent damage.

In the high season there may be 2 or 3 boats rafting alongside the dock.

A good tip: you want the boats to rise, fall, and rock more or less together, it is important to properly adjust all your lines(ropes) so they have enough tension but are not overly tight or chaffing.

The harbour staff are very knowledgeable about rafting and can help answer questions.

Make sure you have your fenders properly adjusted and in the right places to keep your boat from rubbing against the dock or another boat.

So, after initially securing the lines it’s always a good idea to go back and check them again in different weather conditions and remember to check your boat regularly, this is a dynamic environment, not a parking lot and your boat needs you to look after it and increase your visits more during bad weather.

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